Courses Taught:

Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, PE, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering
Department of Engineering Technology, University of Toledo


EEC 3350 Syllabus:  “Digital Systems Design”

CATALOG/COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course covers different aspects of real-time embedded systems implementation with low-level access to hardware resources of microcontrollers. Topics include but not limited to low-level and high-level microcontroller programming covering assembly and C, I/O access, interrupt-driven programming, timers, serial interfacing, analog-to-digital (ADC), and digital-to-analog (DAC). Uses system design approach, such as flow charts, finite state machines (FSM) while implementing embedded systems is emphasized.

Student Work

Team LED

Implemented a 4 way traffic light system with two crosswalks and an LCD display based on the TM4C123 launchpad.


Team Unlocked

Created a programmable digital lock using the TM4C123 Launchpad and an LCD display.

EEC 3250 Syllabus:  “Network Analysis” 

CATALOG/COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course consists of analyses of waveforms, analyses of first order time domain circuits, RLC circuit analyses using Laplace transforms, system transfer functions, Bode plots, Fourier series and Fourier transforms.

EET 2210 Syllabus:  “Digital Logic Fundamentals

CATALOG/COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course covers the fundamentals of digital logic circuits. Topics include number systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, logic simplification, Karnaugh maps, adders, multipliers, multiplexers and decoders. Elementary digital circuits including flip-flops, counters, shift registers, memory devices, programmable logic devices and integrated circuits are also covered.


Current MS Students: Kripa Sharma, Boluwatito Salami

Mentoring of Graduate Teaching Assistants (Fall 2018): Zeinab Zoghi (MS), Noor Ahmad Hazari (PhD) won the Fall 2018 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Senior Design Project Technical Advisor (Spring 2018): Team members: Ashley Wilson, Jarrett Brayer, Luke Fournier, Josh Grzecki, Patrick Molnar, Ian Murphy. “Alternative Charging Energy” project. The team built the alternative charging energy (ACE) which is a portable power inverter that runs off inexpensive, easily-sourced power tool batteries. ACE converts 36 volts DC to 120volt AC pure sine wave.

Senior Design Project Client Advisor (Fall 2013): Team members: Brian Hoyt, Michael Manzagol, James McGuire, and Christopher Roloson . Project title: “Fuel Cell Installation”. This team determined whether it is economically feasible to install a molten carbon fuel cell (MCFC) to supply electricity and heat to The University of Toledo campus. I initiated this project, worked the idea with the City of Westerville, and convinced them to be willing to donate their $1,000,000 fuel cell pending results from the feasibility study.