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Dr. Mubenga Interviewed for Inaugural University of Toledo College of Engineering Town Hall Event of June 23, 2020

Dr. Ngalula Sandrine Mubenga, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Toledo (UT) was honored to be the guest of Dr. Michael Toole, Dean of the College of Engineering.  The virtual town hall event was moderated by Jennifer Hall, Director of Development at UT and was initially broadcast live on June 23, 2020.  Topics discussed included the origin of her passion for electrical engineering, her journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the University of Toledo, and her many accomplishments as an inventor, educator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  Dr. Toole is especially interested in the way she recently led an international team of volunteers organizing a COVID-19 response project in the DRC to combat a shortage of ventilators.

The University of Toledo introduced the event by reporting the following:

Dr. Mubenga initially felt powerless about the pandemic but ultimately found a way for people in her native country to build their own breathing machines using equipment and materials accessible to them. Dr. Mubenga will share how she organized a team and devised a truly innovative plan to save lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the team members are recipients of STEM scholarships awarded by Dr. Mubenga’s non-profit organization, the STEM DRC Initiative, which funded 60 Scholarships in the Congo in the last academic year (UT, 2020).
Source: UT Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, retrieved online July 12, 2020 from

Dr. Mubenga Profiled by Voice Of America

Dr. Sandrine Mubenga Profiled by Voice Of America at Girl Power Event in Toledo Ohio

Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, was profiled in a March 2020 video news segment by Voice of America (VOA) as she prepared for and delivered the 2020 keynote address at a Girl Power STEM Education event in Toledo Ohio.


In part 1, Dr Mubenga is profiled as the 2020 Keynote speaker.  The interview allowed Dr. Mubenga to share her journey of why she chose to be an engineer.

Girl Power Part 1, Produced by BSCAN Arts, Buckeye Broadband, and retrieved online February 25, 2020 from

In Part 4, Dr. Mubenga explains the importance of STEM Education for girls.

Women may have been historically under-represented in the STEM Fields, but this starting to change. Dr. Mubenga would like to thank the Imagination Station for creating such an important event!  Girl Power Part 4, Produced by BSCAN Arts, Buckeye Broadband, and retrieved online February 25, 2020 from

Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, PE

Dr. Mubenga Develops New Battery Management Technology At University of Toledo

The University of Toledo | Engineers: On a mission to make a difference: UT electrical engineers Ngalula Mubenga, PhD, and Tom Stuart, PhD, have innovated a bilevel equalizer to extend the life of large battery packs at a lower cost.  Source:

Select Media Appearances:

BiLevel Battery Equalizer In The News“:  13 ABC News Toledo Ohio

“UT Researchers Develop New Energy Storage Solution”:  NBC 24 News Toledo Ohio

Sandrine Mubenga of SMIN Power Group” France 24 French Language Interview

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