Outreach / Service Work

Dr. Sandrine Mubenga, PE

Imagination Station, Toledo Ohio USA (2019) Girl Power Event Workshop, How To Build and Program a Robot

  • Dr Mubenga and a team of students from the University of Toledo – College of Engineering will lead a LEGO Mindtsormer Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workshop promoting an exciting way to explore STEM Education fields for girls in grades 3-8. Participant students will build and program a robot in a hands-on workshops.  https://www.imaginationstationtoledo.org/visit/girl-power

Van Wert Elementary School, Van Wert, Ohio, USA (2002)Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA (2002) Engineer for a Day Volunteer Teacher Junior Achievement 

  • As part of a group of 6 volunteers, taught a 5th grade elementary class how to make an electric motor paper clip, magnet and a battery.

JA Global Marketplace, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. (2002) 6th Grade Volunteer Teacher Junior Achievement

  • Taught a 6th grade class of about 18 students the JA Global Marketplace which provides practical information on global economy, what makes trade work and how trade affects student’s lives. It was designed to align with academic content from the Partnership for 21 Century Skills in world history, geography and social studies. The JA Global Marketplace module consisted of six (6) lessons of 45min.

University of Toledo, Ohio, USA (2000-2001) Volunteer School Visit Program

  • Taught at various schools in the Toledo area about culture and languages from DRC.
  • Individual visit to Gesu Catholic School Kindergarten class in 2003. The lesson lasted about 50min.
  • Individual visit to Rossford High School class to teach French. The lesson lasted about 50min.
  • Group visit to Rogers High School during International Day festival to share the culture from DRC. The lesson lasted about 2 hours and took place in the gym/auditorium.